2018 NFL Draft Recap

May 2, 2018

In this recap podcast Sean and JJ discuss the Patriots 2018 outlook after the draft, and that's followed-up with another special appearance from Kevin Morrison to break the draft down to its core.

Topics include:

-What's the o-line strategy?

-What happened in the top 10?

-Patriots pick by pick reaction

-Which teams succeeded in the draft and which blew it?

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2018 NFL Draft Preview

April 25, 2018

A special draft preview addition featuring Sean, JJ, and special guest Kevin Morrison. Check out this year's and every other year's draft guide at nfldrafthead.com

Topics include:

-Gronk's back, why did he decide right before the draft?

-Patriots quantity strategy at left tackle, who's next? 

-Is this the best linebacker and safety draft we've seen?

-These QB prospects are overrated

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Trades on Trades

April 11, 2018

Cookie has left the building. Sean and JJ discuss the ramifications of the trade and what the Pats should do with all these picks. It's draft season!!


2018 Free Agency Review

March 28, 2018

Everyone's gone, what now? The guys look at free agency departures and additions to discuss the state of Patriots Nation.

Topics include:

-We couldn't afford Dion Lewis?

-Solder and Butler gone, how can their roles be filled?

-Is Gronk the reason Guerrero got booted?

-Are the Rams with Suh really that good?

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2018 Free Agency Preview

March 13, 2018

Our first podcast of the 2018 season! We're out of our depression and looking ahead to 2018 and Tom Brady's age 41 season.

Topics include:

-What happens if Solder leaves?

-Cornerback market

-Biggest free agency needs

-What are some of these teams doing? Chiefs, Browns, Seahawks?

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Super Bowl 52 Recap

February 10, 2018

Oh boy. So that didn't go as hoped. Sean and JJ are here to open the scabs and figure out what the hell happened.

Topics include:

-All the little things that could've changed the outcome

-Was the Pats defense playing with 10 men, or were they that bad?

-Can't make sense of Butler's benching

-Credit to both offensive coaching staffs

-Brady and Gronk reaching new levels of excellence

-Ranking the pain

-Jimmy G's new deal

-McDaniels saga

-What's coming up this offseason

As alway, thanks for listening! And tune in this offseason for free agency, draft and whatever unexpectedly comes up. And tell your friends. Thanks!


Super Bowl 52 Preview

January 31, 2018

It's that time of year again and the Pats are fortunate enough to find themselves in the Super Bowl again. The guys preview Super Bowl LII between the Patriots and Eagles. 

Topics include:

-Pats DBs vs. Eagles WRs

-Weak spot on Eagles defense

-Downsides of Eagles team chemistry

-Predictions and reflections

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On to Super Bowl 52

January 26, 2018

The Pats are heading back to the Super Bowl! Sean and JJ go over the highs, lows, and heart attacks in the AFC Championship victory over the Jaguars.

Topics include:

-How'd they do that?

-Jags lack of mental toughness

-The Patriots that impressed

-What the haters are saying

-Where does this team rank among Pats teams of the past?

-Initial thoughts on matchup with Philly

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2017 Championship Week

January 19, 2018

The guys go over the handling of the Titans and the rest of the crazy Divisional round before delving deep on the Patriots next opponent, the Jaguars.

Topics include:

-What did we learn against the Titans?

-Jags defense as good as advertised?

-Pace of the game

-What's the matchup advantage this weekend?

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2017 Divisional Round Preview

January 10, 2018

Sean and JJ get a down to talking playoff football previewing the Patriots opening game hosting the Titans. 

Topics include:

-Should we buy that ESPN article?

-Revisiting the Jimmy G trade

-More worried about Titans offense or defense?

-What's the best matchup this weekend?

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